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  • Never Short on Solutions

    The Cera Family

    Simpler to select from, faster to fit and with the hidden brilliance of our ceramic disc technology, the Cera Family is a small collection that offers almost unlimited solutions.

  • Venturing further since 1969

    The Cera Family

    It’s over 50 years since our German engineers ventured further in pioneering the ceramic disc cartridge, which enabled the development of the single lever tap. FirmaFlow® is the latest, industry-leading version of the ceramic disc cartridge. With updated engineering and improved durability, it continues the legacy of the original cartridge 50 years on.

BlueStart® Technology

The BlueStart® technology reduces energy usage by up to 50 per cent by running hot water only when actively selected.

Click Technology

This technology reduces energy usage by running full water flow only when actively selected by pushing beyond a ‘click point’. This means that only the amount needed for washing hands is dispensed by default, while remaining strong and consistent.

Light Move Feature

All models come with the LightMove feature, which allows for smooth operation and precise control of the water flow and temperature.

The Cera Family Collections



Cerafine D

Cerafine O

Ceraplan III