The Lightest of light design

‘Light design’ is an important influence in fields as varied as architecture, manufacturing, and fashion. In order to achieve a light design in bathroom ceramics, we had to create a new material which could be used to produce thin vessels that were both hard-wearing and elegant. And so we created Diamatec, which made the strong, thin edges of the IPALYSS® range possible.
Our IPALYSS® range comprises of vessels available in three versatile configurations. With a choice of overflow, no overflow, or overflow with deck, the range is a flexible and practical solution to the question of how to combine form and function. With the Diamatec technology behind it, the IPALYSS® range of ceramics is as durable as it is elegant.
Appropriate for a wide-range of settings, IPALYSS® is tough enough to withstand demanding environments, and beautiful enough to strike the right tone in luxury settings, including hotels, high-end apartment blocks, and restaurants.

The thinking behind the design

Robin Levien - Designer:
“The lightness of the design is expressed by a combination of two key elements: the concave exterior, which creates a small footprint, and the extremely fine edge. The super-strong Diamatec ceramic material has enabled me to create an almost flower-like appearance. Looks can be deceiving though, as these are far from delicate basins – like a flower in the wind, thin can be strong. As always, I am looking for beauty combined with functionality, and with the IPALYSS® design, I feel I have really achieved this.
The thin rims mean that the maximum functional area can be achieved within the overall dimensions of the basins. And because these designs are ‘all basin’ and ‘minimal rim’ any splashes or drips can be contained within them. The oblong overflows, which are usually very difficult to produce, bring an extra touch of elegance to these basins, which are the ultimate in functionality.”

Robustly tested

Diamatec is the culmination of over 200 years of innovation in ceramics by Ideal Standard. Our revolutionary ceramic allows us for the first time to manufacture bathware with very fine, thin, straight edges that is nonetheless, extremely strong, and appropriate for a wide range of demanding environments.
Diamatec also performed well in an edge chipping test, where a metal ball was swung into the product. These results illustrate the robustness of Diamatec that enables us to achieve the holy grail of ceramics: extremely strong, thin, straight edges.

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