Hygiene. Redefined.

Rising to the challenges of the modern world calls for a new definition of hygiene.That’s why we created Intellimix® – a smart touchless tap that dispenses both water and soap. It encourages users to always wash with soap, which the World Health Organisation recommends as the most important measure we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading infections.Intellimix® doesn’t just deliver superior hygiene, though – it also reduces running costs, improves sustainability, and even makes maintenance simple.

Intellimix® makes superior hygiene effortless with a timed delivery of water and soap from the same device. Its optimised wash cycle, which is completely touch free and ensures 100% soap washes, reduces the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.The future of the washroom is here: personal, practical, and setting new standards of hygiene.


Thanks to the 2l/min flow limiter and the programmable water flow duration, Intellimix® uses 85% less water when compared with standard single lever taps, when following the washing cycle recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Intellimix® bespoke antibacterial soap is infused with air to create a rich foam that is automatically dispensed as part of the washing cycle. This ensures better hand hygiene with every wash, while also reducing the amount of soap used by up to 80%.

Intellimix® makes controlling resources simple with its tailor-made app. It allows you to change water and soap settings, monitor performance and alerts you when maintenance is needed.

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