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Eco-friendly spaces

Easy ideas for greener bathrooms

Spacious or compact, all bathrooms revolve around water. Today it’s more important than ever to save water and conserve energy. There are plenty of ways to do so in the bathroom, and they can save you money too. Ideal Standard has been innovating in this area for many years, making small advances with huge cumulative effects. Upgrade your bathroom with a small eco-friendly detail, and you’ll see it makes a big difference.

Here are some ways to do your bit, without compromising on aesthetics or performance…

Save water, energy and money

When designing your bathroom, look out for taps and mixers with Blue Technology. An innovative internal design regulates the flow, meaning less water is retained in the spout.

Your water is delivered at the required temperature up to 90% faster than usual, which will ensure you keep those water bills low. And to keep a tighter eye on how fast your taps flow, opt for Click Technology. It allows you to easily control, manage and monitor your water consumption, so you only use what you need.

Think eco

It’s not just how you design your bathroom that can impact the environment. It’s how you use it. Next time you reach for the bath taps, think about showering instead. Idealrain shower kits are fitted with pressure regulators, reducing their water flow down to 8 litres per minute without watering down your shower experience.

Dual flush WCs

Choose a toilet design that’s both elegant and ecological. Dual flush WCs give you the option of using less water when you need it.