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Beautifying spaces

Beautifully indulgent bathrooms

Everyone deserves a gorgeous bathroom to get ready in. An inspiring place where form and function come together beautifully. Ideal Standard products are designed to complement each other so whatever combination you choose, the result is a uniquely beautiful bathroom that’s as practical as it is stylish. And each product is designed for unrivalled comfort and ease of use, so nothing gets in the way of your beautifying.

Here are some beauty tips for the bathroom…

Seeing double

Start your bathroom design with a his’n’hers double basin and recreate the atmosphere of a designer hotel.

Choose from a variety of designs, from rectangular to the more rounded ‘pebble’ shaped. And invest in some good quality accessories to keep the space feeling a bit special.

Beautiful design

When you’re getting ready to face the world, the look and feel of your bathroom should be an inspiration. Light, open and sensuous, the Connect Air range makes a beautiful backdrop. Smooth curves and softened edges give an elegant look without dominating the space. It helps create a feminine and contemporary, high fashion feel.

Big reflections

Make the most of your bathroom’s natural light by hanging an oversized mirror. Keep frames subtle for an airy feel - an easy fix for smaller bathrooms, reflecting light and expanding the space dramatically.