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  • Ceraflex® - The Smart Choice for Reliable Fittings

    Ceraflex is a bathroom tap range from Ideal Standard which offers a simple and balanced modern design combined with smart water saving technologies. Ceraflex features the FirmaFlow® cartridge. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, it offers the guarantee of a long lasting and trouble-free tap:
    - passes all the strictest norms in Europe, including NF
    - has a longevity of 500,000 cycles which is the equivalent of 10 to 15 years daily use
    - produced in-house so we can guarantee the highest quality
    Watch the video to learn more about this new range!


    AquaBlade® technology sets new standards in both toilet design and optimum flush performance: it is much more hygienic and easier to clean; it is quieter in flush, and has an all-round smarter design.


    The most significant development in the product category since the invention of the flush toilet in the 19th century, AquaBlade®, was launched by Ideal Standard in 2015, and its exclusive and patented technology offers the best superior flushing, even at low water volumes.

  • Connect Air: When Lightness Designs Space

    Ideal Standard’s new collection Connect Air is classy and practical, stylish and efficient. It’s thin rims and curved-line items bring an airy feel to any environment; while the exclusive AquaBlade® flushing technology and the wide range of bathroom solutions provide for a highly relaxing and enjoyable space. It’s the perfect solution for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and personal style.

  • Robin Levien Introduction to Ideal Standard Connect AIR

    “Less material, better products”: discover with Robin Levien, Ideal Standard designer, the Connect AIR collection, a revolutionary take on bathroom design, a milestone for Ideal Standard and the whole bathroom industry.

  • Tonic II

    "The alliance of form and function
    Tonic II is more than just a beautifully designed range to wow and entice. It’s a range perfectly tailored to make your life easier. Each product is carefully considered to make using your bathroom space all the more enjoyable."

  • Project perceive

    "Ground breaking study by Ideal Standard reveals how design and function impact our perception of beauty
    • Ideal Standard unveils findings of pioneering neurological research
    • Study finds our appreciation of beauty is subconsciously affected by a product’s functionality creating ‘aesthetic dissonance’
    • Data interpreted by three break-through artists to create innovative artwork"

  • Dea

    World-renowned, award-winning designer Dick Powell is the visionary behind Dea, the new luxury range of bathroom ceramics and furniture. Design innovation, he believes, is all about making life better.

  • Archimodule

    A new generation of stylish modular fittings enables you to configure your own unique solution tailor made to your needs and your space. Innovative technology guarantees a flawless look every time, even on unusual tile sizes and unevenly plastered walls.

  • Connect Space

    Designed to help you get more out of your bathroom, so whether you need more elbow room, clever storage or an en-suite to ease the morning rush, the Connect range offers a range of compact solutions.

  • Wall-hung bowl & bidet Hidden Fixation

    The innovative hidden fixation system of the new Ideal Standard Toilets and Bidets allows for an easier installation at much less time versus a typical bowl or bidet. Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, the hidden fixation system means a no hole result. A complete smooth, soft edged and seamless design!